Sunday, 11 January 2009

Its finally finished!

I started this tumbler quilt before Christmas and although it didn't take long at all to piece the top (all cut with the Accucut!), I had been dreading quilting it because I knew I would have difficulty on my domestic sewing machine. I ended up just stitching in the ditch and not doing any meandering. I love meandering so I felt a bit cheated but at least there are no puckers on the back. I cheated and sewed the binding down by machine instead of hand stitching it, as I have always done before. Fabrics are Heather Bailey's Fresh Cut line. Backing is Heather Bailey's Bijoux.

I have another pieced top to quilt and another being designed (in my head) then I will cut another tumbler quilt as I do like the look of them and they piece together very quickly.

I feel quite smug now, having finished this quilt this weekend!


  1. I love your tumbler quilt. The Fresh Cut fabrics look great. One of my goals this year is to learn to stipple/meander quilt with my machine.

  2. This turned out so darling!! So fresh and spring like. I have a die cut tumbler to put together but I didn't put it on this year's goal list. Maybe if I get finished with some things I'll add it later. Keep on stitching!

  3. Mary, it goes together very quickly - give it a try!

  4. Love your tumbler quilt! I am cutting out tumblers from scraps and trying not to duplicate, so it will be a charm quilt.