Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Leather shoes!

I just found these on line and kits on Etsy to make them and think they are so cute! You can buy the pattern from http://www.makethemyourself.com or a kit from Etsy. They remind me so much of the very expensive Robeez shoes I bought for my grandson when he was first born. I paid fortunes for them and if I had had this pattern I could have made them for a fraction of the price. My grandson was born with cerebral palsy and doesn't walk and is still only 20lbs in weight even though he's 2 now. I'm considering buying the pattern and making him a bunch of these since he will always be very small and will possibly never walk. He's such a gorgeous little boy too....

And here he is!

Edited 8th March: I had no idea that leather was so expensive - it would be cheaper just to buy the darned things......

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  1. Those are adorable and would be a great idea for your grandson. Can't wait to see your design.