Thursday, 2 April 2009

Weather in Florida

Nothing to do with quilting or even sewing (well, I suppose it is, indirectly!) but does anyone know what the weather is likely to be like in Florida in mid to late December? Is it T shirts and shorts weather or jeans and cardigan? I'm getting conflicting information from the Internet and would like some first hand advice from any Floridians reading this!!!


  1. Wish I knew, but it has to be better than in New England for sure!

  2. New England? I'm in Old England!!!

  3. I lived in Fort Lauderdale & Miami Florida for 30 years. I have been in Arizona for over 20 years. Next month I'll be in Florida for 10 days!! I'm so excited.
    Anyway, if it's short weather or sweater weather depends on if you are a snow bird, a winter visitor or a Florida gal. Winter visitors swam in Dec. I never swan in Dec. I would bring both. Sometimes there are cold spells that get mighty chilly down to 30 degrees F, other days are balmy. Many times we wore only t-shirts on Christmas day. You'll need a sweater in the evening for sure. I hope this helps.